Monday, 6 April 2009

News about Anchor threads

Janet gave me a page from 'needle and handicrafts' last week which contains important info regarding their colours. Please read if you use them.

Anchor cotton embroidery threads have always been dyed to international quality standards in terms of colour fastness & consistency. Likewise, health & environmental issues have always been important as part of the Coats policy. Due to recent European directives, Coats have changed dye sources & also bleaching processes to meet European legislation. As a consequence, specific colours are subject to a change of appearance when viewed (along with the original colours) under different lighting conditions. These lighting conditions relate to natural day light & artificial lighting and are known as a "Metameric" effect. The metameric effect affects 26 colours in Anchor embroidery threads & are listed below. To help identify the colours affected, an asterisk* has been added in front of the original colour number. To avoid disappointment, it is important that you do not mix the same colour with an asterisk*, without an asterisk in the same embroidery. E.g. Do not mix colour 70 & *70 in the same embroidery design. The inherent fastness & colour consistency qualities of Anchor cotton embroidery threads are not affected in any way by this change. For further information please contact Coats' sales office or sales representatives.

So be careful now! and thank you Janet for letting us know.

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