Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Home is making a cake for DH

Hi All,

I suppose there comes a time when the DIY urge starts to wear a bit thin, and that is when DH bleets about no one making him a cake, so this is for him and also I promised you another recipe too, so I thought I would keep you all happy :-)

This is not my recipe for carrot cake as I have a favourite one of my own, but it came from that intrepid duo (Sally and Moira), not sure which one of them produced the sheet with the recipe on it, so I give credit to both. But I am baking it as I type. Just checked out the Remoska and all is fine with it rising nicely.


Oven 180 deg C/350 F or use the Remoska this is the official website

Grease and line a cake tin. I used a 7" (fits the Remoska) but 8" is ok

Into a large mixing bowl put:-
8 oz plain flour
1 tsp baking powder (I used heaped)
3 tsp ground ginger
6 oz light muscovado sugar (I used Booths dark soft brown)
8 oz grated carrots
2 oz seedless raisins (I used Californian because my daughter lives there - sigh)

Mix this lot together

Into a small basin or pyrex jug put:-
2 medium eggs (I always use Lakeland Free Range Large - I used to keep chickens so I know a good egg.)
3 tbsp corn oil (No corn oil so I used melted unsalted butter)
juice of one medium orange (No orange could I find! so used a lemon)

Beat this lot

Next make a well in the centre of the mix in the bowl and pour in the liquid mix and mix it all together.....
Pop into the prepared tin and cook for 1/1¼ hours until firm to the touch and a skewer comes clean. In the Remoska I am giving it an hour and 5 mins. Here is the finished cake.

Cool in the tin

Enjoy DH.

I have also been looking around the web for tutorials which are free and came across one for appliqué at a place called prettily "The Picket Fence". You will find more tutorials under their side heading called TECHNIQUES and it is a lovely site for ideas.

Well the cake is cooked and cooling and we are going to take Bella for a walk this afternoon, then come back to tea with cake, so thank you Sally and Moira with apologies for adapting it when I did not have the right ingredients.

And this is what happened when we got back from the walk.

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Lyn said...

Hi All,

I must apologise to Marilyn as it is her recipe for Carrot and Ginger Cake above.