Friday, 6 January 2012

New year so far

The new year is going well apart from the really windy days we have suffered.  My neighbours chimney cowl blew down at 7.40 am last week when I was in the kitchen, lucky I was not outside as it came down right outside the kitchen door and hit my DH's workshop door with a large thud. Damaged it slightly too and it just missed their new conservatory.  Anyway, the workshop is really near the house so its handy for his projects and this was one of the most interesting I had seen in years of receiving wonderful parcels from him and the way he did it up was stunning.

The present was a lovely spice rack he had made for me and he even painted the chicken too.  Needless to say it now sits proudly on the kitchen wall near the hob. He bought me some new pretty storage jars too so I must look out for some more as they really are cute.

I took the tree down on Thursday and as I was doing so most of the needles fell off despite my efforts to stop it happening like lopping off an inch from the bottom and conditioning it in water and leaving it outside for a week.  Anyway, Bella was sitting by it and I noticed as the dry needles were falling near her she started sneezing and wheezing a bit, this was not good as the last time she went into kennels she had a reaction against the sawdust they use on the floor and had to be given an injection by the vet who runs the kennels. So it was with Bella's health and well being in mind that I decided I would have an artificial tree in future and I had a quick look on Hayes Garden Centre site and found a tree which in the sale was knocked down by £70, it was originally £209.99. Well nothing like keeping to my new resolution of having no unfinished business or jobs I thought, so I bought it and it came today. So no mess and hoovering up the needles anymore and a much happier dog too. Shame about the smell of pine which I love and remember from when I was very small but Bella is more important.
Bella on Christmas day with her new sheep and bunny


SUSAN said...

Wise move to go artificial. M.D.'s on a U.S. medical show I viewed stated many people are very allergic to live trees. Plus they said mold and other allergens accumulate on these outdoor fir trees.

Miriam Weaver said...

It was lucky that you didn't have more damage.I'm with you about the smell of a real tree, but those needles make such a mess and finding them months later even though you Vacuum every day!!!! I gave up on real trees years ago, now I don't have to vacuum so often and use Christmas candles to create a Christmassy smell. Happy New Year, looking forward to reading your posts in 2012.

Lyn Armstrong said...

I had no idea about the allergies so thanks for that Susan, I feel I made the right decision. Which candles do you buy Miriam for the smell? I do have a 'Colony' mulled wine diffuser which is great at Christmas.

BilboWaggins said...

Well done to DH for an excellent present and well done to you for getting the artificial tree - as you say, Bella's health is more important.