Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Crewel progress

Autumn Glory
Well I have been busy of late and no sewing has been done apart from the Crewel work and this is the latest flower to be finished.  I have most of it done in the right hand corner too so mainly 3 very large flowers to work on and then finito.....

I seem to have done nothing but attend meetings towards the end of last week which left me feeling a bit flat.  But the cold spell gave me the chance to get out on the hills this weekend and take my ice axe for a hike (once a year) and so that was good for me. We had very good conditions on the top with fresh snow so the axe was not needed. I did get my crampons out though and they are wonderful on crisp snow which was what we found on the windward side of the hill.

Well I must dash, I have a fair bit to do.


Miriam Weaver said...

Your crewel work is beautiful! We have had a little snow today but it's not settled, as yet!

Lyn Armstrong said...

Thank you, I only started learning Crewel about 3 years ago, this is my fifth piece. Its very satisfying to me to be able to choose where I place the needle and not count threads which I hate. So I would never be any good at Blackwork.