Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday sewing

I don't always have a sleeping pet, she has not been like this today at all, infact I have been playing tug of war for half an hour....

I did manage to do a little research on the internet this morning as I was seeking inspiration for some projects and I found a few sites of interest. Try  for making Christmas ornaments. Or for Christmas ideas.

My little one has jumped onto my sofa and is sighing, a good sign that she is going to take a nap which is what I want really if I am going to fire up the Bernina and finish off some sewing.  I have a new idea too and I can't wait to try it out but I do need a respite from doggie games just for a bit.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Cushion nearing completion
This has to be finished as I have had it lying around for a month now.  I have sewn on the piped edging and I just have the back to do, then a cushion pad to purchase. It looks better than I expected and DH likes it too; always a bonus.

Well I do have a few readers from "across the pond" and as its a special day I found a quilt of a turkey for you.  My DD in California is having a chicken she tells me, I suspect its less hassle and she is English so I don't suppose she is really bothered, but I know some of you will be having turkey so my best wishes to you all.  We had a humble pie for our dinner.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

New mini quilt

Chairman's challenge mini quilt for Cumbria Patchworkers
Well this is how far I am along the way to completing this for Wednesday's meeting.  I have just pin basted it as its only 16½ x 24 inches.  I now need to quilt and bind it, adding a hanging sleeve too. Then sign and date it, phew not much then!  Better crack on......... Oh by the way the colours are supposed to be pale lemon, bright green and royal blue as those are the colours on our little badge.  Also I have picked out the design on the badge as the main theme with a slight change to make it easier to do as I didn't have time to make circles.

Our badge
Now for the hard part, the quilting, I haven't worked out what to do yet............

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Mug Rug

Patchwork weave on the left, silk machine embroidery on the right
 Just a quick update for those of you who were wondering how the mug rug was coming along.  Well I quite enjoyed making it in the end and as I chose woven patchwork for the left side you can actually slip things under some of the weave, like the odd stray pencil or pins.  Also the heart is on a green pocket so you can slip bits in there too or of course it can hold your biscuit!

Colour is showing much lighter coz taken at night with artificial lights
Self explanatory really, I did some guesswork on the stitches and came up with these which look ok. Stem stitch and fly stitch with some long stitches and soft shading on the little red flowers. So it's coming on and I will keep you posted as I progress, but I do need to turn my attention to something else tomorrow as I have another little item to make which I need for Wednesday all being well. I am a busy little bee at the moment but deadlines have to be fulfilled and then there is the little matter of finding suitable presents for DD across the pond.......

Friday, 18 November 2011

Making steady progress

Long and Short stitch on the leaves and Stem stitch on the ahem ..  stems
I have been concentrating on this crewel work kit and I think its coming along ok, so too is my sore back.  I am happy with the progress of both at the moment.

So until I have more to show you I will keep this posting short and sweet.

Monday, 14 November 2011


Autumn Glory kit by The Crewel Work Company
I am going to have a go at another crewel project, not sure if it will turn out quite like this photo of it because I only bought the linen marked out ready (not the full kit) as Phillipa Turnbull was selling off some redundant stock a couple of years ago.  I have had this waiting since then, yikes, how time flies. So this is the project, to see if I can make this huge cushion anything like it should be. I am not even sure what some of the stitches are because I don't have the instructions either, so I shall ask one of our EG ladies who is an expert and does a lot of sewing in crewel as she makes up stuff for Phillipa sometimes. If you want to make a similar cushion here's the site. They are very good kits by the way and I have now made up 3 which all look very professional.

Next bit of good news is that I asked DH if he would modify my number 9 foot for my Bernina and take out the front so I can see the needle when I am free motion sewing or quilting and he did it this morning and its great, no rough edges or anything, but then he is a master craftsman with metal. His latest project is coming on very well indeed and I love what he does its so beautiful and it works too.
And lastly, I am about to sew a thing called a 'mug rug' which is all about making a mini quilt or something like it with dimensions of 6" x 9" and then you put your mug of tea or coffee on it and there is also room for a biscuit.  We are all making one for Christmas in our little Cumbria Patchworkers group and then going to exchange them.  I will post a photo if it turns out ok.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Neglecting this blog

Today's mayhem
Well yes, I have been busy on my other blog and rather 'blogged' down with doing my C2C posting, but I finished it a few days ago now and still did not have anything new to show on this blog.  But hey I went to Wasdale over the mountain passes last weekend carrying all my gear in a rucksack and back the next day, so I have been busy. Trouble brewed with my back though as it had been a bit tetchy the couple of days before we left and by the time we came back on Sunday it was telling me it was not happy. Result, see that hot water bottle and the messed up sofa, that's where yours truly has been hanging out since Monday, apart from when I crept up to bed and gingerly slid in. However, the stiff back is better tonight and maybe tomorrow I will be able to help out with a few chores around here as DH has been a brick as usual. The good news is that having immobilised myself I did not know what to do and no current novel was lined up either, blast I thought, then I remembered my crewelwork....Yes its been a while in this frame, if I want to find out I only need to check back in this blog, but I don't think I'll bother.  I also intend to finish it this time round and not leave it again, so wish me luck. Oh well back to the hot water bottle treatment.