Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Neglecting this blog

Today's mayhem
Well yes, I have been busy on my other blog and rather 'blogged' down with doing my C2C posting, but I finished it a few days ago now and still did not have anything new to show on this blog.  But hey I went to Wasdale over the mountain passes last weekend carrying all my gear in a rucksack and back the next day, so I have been busy. Trouble brewed with my back though as it had been a bit tetchy the couple of days before we left and by the time we came back on Sunday it was telling me it was not happy. Result, see that hot water bottle and the messed up sofa, that's where yours truly has been hanging out since Monday, apart from when I crept up to bed and gingerly slid in. However, the stiff back is better tonight and maybe tomorrow I will be able to help out with a few chores around here as DH has been a brick as usual. The good news is that having immobilised myself I did not know what to do and no current novel was lined up either, blast I thought, then I remembered my crewelwork....Yes its been a while in this frame, if I want to find out I only need to check back in this blog, but I don't think I'll bother.  I also intend to finish it this time round and not leave it again, so wish me luck. Oh well back to the hot water bottle treatment.

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