Friday, 4 March 2011

A weekend in Glasgow

Reflections in Glasgow shop window
Last weekend we went to Glasgow to visit old friends. Whilst their, I did a little shopping or rather lots of window shopping....This one fascinated me and I had difficulty taking a shot because of the reflection but the whole shop walls were lined with ranks of old sewing machines. I went inside and could not believe it, there were hundreds of them on every single wall. Instead of taking an interest in the extremely trendy clothes I found myself mooching around looking at the different makes of machines and wondering why I did not see any Singers. Not surprising I thought as most of these must have been manufactured abroad and so did not hold their value hence their decorative use in the shop. The shop was on Buchanan Street but I had never heard of the name before and now can't remember it, my friend could tell me but she is in France at the mo.

Meanwhile, I am nursing a stinking head cold, I have had it about 4 days now and its time it left me...........


dianehobbit said...

The shop was probably called All Saints. We have a similar shop in Blurwater, Kent.

Lyn Armstrong said...

Yes, now I remember her saying that name. Thanks for letting me know diane.