Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring flowers

Aspidistra Flowers
I have a large aspidistra in my lounge which sometimes flowers in the spring and a few days ago I just thought I would take a peek incase and voila there they were. They are always very close to the earth under the stalks so they can be difficult to spot. You can just make out the second one in the photo with its back to you beside the right hand stem. Once there, they seem to last for a few weeks. I have never detected a smell but then I must admit I can't get my nose in close enough.......

My desk calander keeps coming up trumps with some beautiful bags and this was a very pretty one.
Antique patchwork bag
The bag dates from the 1920's and is described as crazy patchwork velvet with a ball closure. I think it is enchanting.

I had to go to White Stuff this week as they were doing a special one day with 20% off. I could not resist buying this top as it fitted well and white is so versatile, I only hope it stays that colour and does not go washing machine grey.....
Not sure I like the big label in the back though
I may need to unpick the label as it is quite noticeable and is pink with a pink velvet bow, it looks good on the hangar but the wearing of all that stuff against my back might be itchy.


Rosalind said...

My aspidistra flowers too! I just checked and I actually blogged it in March 2007. I have never heard anyone else talk of theirs flowering.They are very unusual aren't they?

Lyn Armstrong said...

Morning Rosalind, maybe you and I can start a new Cumbrian craze of keeping aspidistras ha ha
I have two of them too, one I keep in the greenhouse as its grown from the parent plant which had to be split in two about three years ago and the other half was given to a neighbour three doors up the road. She said she had read somewhere that they are priced according to each leaf costing £1 and the half I gave her had over 25 leaves!

Rosalind said...

Crumbs--------I have two big ones too!

My first one was a cutting from a big plant that started as a cutting given as a wedding gift in 1911. How far back in time the original plant is I don't know!

Lyn Armstrong said...

How wonderful to know where your plant came from, mine started as a cutting from a big plant I bought to decorate the Learning Resource Centre at Kendal College where I was lecturing at the time.

BilboWaggins said...

Lovely top, I'm glad I am not the only one who unpicks big labels from the inside of clothes.