Saturday, 29 January 2011

Finished fringe - and keeping it simple

Patchwork jacquard velvet curtains with rainbow fringe
 I said I would show you the effect when it was finished so here are two shots. Both curtains are random so they are not supposed to be exactly a match and give a good effect when closed. I like the way the fringe has added an informal look to them and hope it withstands the test of time on the back doors from the kitchen.

This next view is a bit more of a close up showing all the lovely bits of yarn which were used, and there was a lot of it believe me, a bit more than I had anticipated when I started..... I will most likely make some more fringe soon as I enjoyed the process and it went together well I realised because the ribbon I used was strong grosgrain, I am not sure if it would have worked out as well on a flimsier ribbon. I have always liked grosgrain though and still have a piece I have kept for a long time which I attached to the top of my wedding cake. I did not make the cake but I asked for a plain square large single one because I did not fancy a triple decker having a dislike for them as over fussy. So when it came I had the fun of deciding what to put on the top of it and I chose strawberry pink silk grosgrain which I made into a big rosette. I keep the bit in a small navy blue cardboard box and its always on my desk very near to my laptop. Now and then I take a peek at it, once every couple of years or so, I just did so always brings a smile to my face. I don't know why but I like simple things and simple weddings too, fancy ones make me cringe with embarrassment.


tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Hi Lyn
Thanks for the comments. The fringe is really fantastic and very original, the curtains look great. I don't sew but might encouraged by this.
Tracey x
ps Florence is cuddled up with me, she has had to wear her fleece in recent days as it is too cold for an old lady.

Lyn Armstrong said...

Glad to hear Florence is being smothered with love, my current pooch Bella is only 3 and is full of herself lately; hmm needs some discipline if only I didn't spoil her so much.
As for the fringe its hanging on in there as that is the curtain Bella sticks her nose round when she peers down the garden looking for cats or chickens etc.....