Saturday, 1 May 2010

Dig in

I sent off for some free seeds from and sure enough they came last week. I planted them up in my new Hartley greenhouse and they have nearly all sprouted in no time! Two huge courgettes have come through already with the other 3 lingering which is good because it means the plants will hopefully grow at different stages and the crops will be staggered. It's no good having masses of courgettes all the same month. The French beans have not come through yet, but the mixed salad leaves are starting to poke through the soil and the Basil is looking good. Lastly, the carrots have just sprouted in my heated propogator in the greenhouse, which is connected to the electricitiy supply and meant I could overwinter many plants which previously died in the cold. I really can recommend the idea of a frost free greenhouse and the electricity bill was not really much higher too, even though we had a really bad winter.

So it has been a mixed week of gardening, pricking out seedlings and doing the odd bit to 'scrappy' quilt when I have a spare moment. This afternoon heavy showers have settled in so I lit the woodburner and turned to the edges of the quilt. I am really very happy with the way it is going and it will probably end up on the bed as it is much bigger now. I am going to use Mathilda wool wadding for the first time too and I can't wait to see how it quilts. I am not sure if I might not experiment with the little Brother sewing machine and see how it quilts on this one, hmm I will need to set a test piece up. I still have the log cabin quilt to finish too, so I have plenty to do. Also my husbands nephew and new niece were here to stay last Saturday and I promised Kelly I would make her a new silk purse for her mobile phone. What a superb phone it is too, it does almost everything and its called a Palm Pre.

She wants me to make a long purse in white Tussah silk, so that will be a little job for later this week. If it turns out ok, I will show you how I get on.

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BilboWaggins said...

Matilda's is my favourite batting, quilts up beautifully and is lovely to "live with".