Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Tip - Stamp more fabric for a 'scrappy' quilt

The scrappy quilt which really is made from all sorts of bits and pieces lying about has begun to look better than I could have imagined. This goes to show that sometimes you need to experiment and not be too particular. Anyway, it is also expanding to more than a throw... so its going to be a double bed quilt, I hope. But in order to fulfill that role it needs to be a touch bigger, not easy when your using scraps and you seem to have exhausted the supply. But wait a minute; some of those scraps were stamped with purple, green and yellow silk paint. So I found some more plain cream fabric and stamped some more! The result is above. I know it looks nothing at the moment, but trust me, once it is cut up and mixed up with other patterns it brings a new life to the design.  I now have enough free fabric to continue and who knows what the final result will be, not me that is for sure.

I am really enjoying this freestyle way of working and it harps back to the original idea for making quilts which was to be thrifty and use up precious and pretty fabrics of all types left over from previous projects to make a warm useful bed cover. Sometimes I think we lose track of that concept and go over the top buying too many fabrics for our stash and then don't know what to do with them except admire them in the closet. But, of course; once this quilt is made I won't have any scraps left so will be forced to buy more!!!! How convenient.

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