Wednesday, 13 January 2010

When it snows take comfort in food

Quiche is so easy to make that I wonder if it needs a recipe, but I made one yesterday and it was pounced upon almost immediately so maybe it is worth sharing it with you.

Shortcrust pastry (you decide how much you need)
4 free range eggs
4 rashers lean bacon
1 onion
4 -5 oz cheddar cheese
1 small pot double cream
some milk to make up to approx 16 fluid oz
freshly ground pepper black usually but white is ok

I make the usual shortcrust pastry but I always use unsalted butter because I don't like salty food and I never add salt to any recipe for pastry etc. I always bake the pastry blind using baking beads on some greaseproof paper to ensure the base is crisp. So I line the tin with pastry and prick the base and bake for approx 15 mins.  Meanwhile I fry 4 rashers of good lean bacon with an onion but not so it goes brown; just gently. I mix 4 free range eggs in a jug with a small pot of double cream (I am not too fussy about the cream quantity and usually add a bit of milk to it) The idea is to have about 16 fluid oz of eggs and cream so not quite a pint. Add pepper to taste.

Then I take the cooked base out of the oven and add half the grated cheddar cheese and then layer on the onion and bacon and add half the cream and egg mixture then add the last of the cheese and finally finish with the rest of the egg.  Voila, bake at 180 for 20 mins and then I lower the temp a bit to 170 and give it another 20 -25 mins. This all depends on your oven as you know they are all quirky....Mine has to have the quiche turned half way through otherwise it cooks one side quicker than the other. The tin is a 10 inch one. Oh by the way the photo shows I used up the left over pastry round the edge, I was not bothered about this because it was for us so know one would care and I don't like to waste pastry.

I made this every other day when we had the Derwentwater Restaurant and  I sometimes varied it by using different cheeses and adding other things like smoked salmon, courgettes, brocolli etc. I am glad that I do not run a restaurant anymore though, it was hard work. Anyway, the rest of the quiche is for lunch which won't be long now, and this posting has made me hungry, bon appetite.

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