Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Is it Twelfth Night?

I have been trying to make sense of the info about when it actually is 12th night. Some say it was last night and some say it is tonight.  Does anyone know??? Too late to ask Shakespeare but I do love his play and have seen it performed in Kendal when I worked at the Brewery Arts Centre

On Skype the other night talking to my DD who lives in Palm Springs where she says it has been cold lately I couldn't help wondering how she would feel here as it is minus 4 tonight in Cumbria. I should imagine she would not like it at all. Anyway, she told me to look at this blog I think these little cat purses are so cute, don't you, and very clever.

Meanwhile, I found a photo of another embroidery which I forgot to add to last night's posting so here it is. I think it goes with the British weather at the moment, white and frosty looking. This was made on a lilac canvas background with silk paper made from Mulberry Silk Tops which gives it a lovely sheen. Then I added a few dried flowers to the silk paper before finishing it off with a third layer of silk. You can just see the dried seed heads. They were given the frosty treatment with shiny silver metallics from Madeira threads. The gold heart in the centre is based on a design made by my DD when she was at art college in Newcastle. This embroidery hangs above my bureau in my study and catches the light from a lamp on the left so that it shimmers.

Well it's getting late but I am still baking some bread because tomorrow we need fresh sandwiches as we are going on an expedition in the frozen wastes of Cumbria at the back of Thirlmere. These are places where the bogs are deep enough to come up to your waist if you happen to fall into them. So you do not venture there unless they are frozen and they are. Incidentally, so is Derwentwater: completely frozen right across and covered in snow. But this is straying into the realms of my other blog so go there if you want to see what I get up to when I am not sewing...

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