Wednesday, 19 August 2009

We have a mention in despatches.....

Well blow me down, as they say in the movies, we have been mentioned in Contact Magazine. That is wonderful, I am really chuffed, thank you for that nice editor (I know how to crawl). I have no idea what I have done to deserve it but all the same it has inspired me to add a Fan club list as you will see from the newly changed layout. I know, I know, I must not get carried away as I only have one fan so far sob.... But you never get anywhere if you don't think big. So if YOU like this blog and you want to express your addiction, love, fascination etc to others; do by all means become a fan. You do not need to put a piccie in of yourself if you prefer to remain anonymous as you just get a greyed out image, but it would be hugely prestigious for little ol Keswick if we had a fan club with more than one in it.

Alternatively, you can leave comments whenever you feel the urge.....there is a real person here not an answer machine or an Indian call centre and bloggers I believe are sooo friendly.
So - Contact me like the magazine says - I read them all and I reply too and sometimes I can even post what you want.
As an example, this is for Melanie who is the Secretary of the Thornthwaite , Braithwaite and Newlands Home and Garden Show, phew what a long title Melanie, you probably need a cold shower after saying that lot.
But seriously, it is held on Saturday September 12th at the Victory Memorial Hall, Braithwaite.
The doors open at 2pm and the admission is only £1 that is sooo cheap. Refreshments are served from 2pm to 4pm by the local WI ladies so they will be scrumptious too. If you wish to enter anything in the show let me know and I will give you Melanie's email or address.


karen said...

two tiny buttons it is for you then if you win!Hope you are well, Karen

Nellie's Needles said...

I enjoyed your chicken collection. I have not a clue how you'd respond to the cow collection in our summer cottage that's named "MaCowCowa".

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog as well as listing it in your sidebar. I'm honored.

Lyn Armstrong said...

Thanks both of you, I love your blogs and your work is so much better than mine. But I will keep reading and learning. I am well, I went on a very long walk today and my DH had to take two people back who found it too hard, so I ended up as leader again. So I am tired but had a lovely day in the mountains. I would love to make a landscape quilt of them, I may try later in the autumn.