Sunday, 23 August 2009

Favourite things

Sometimes the weather in Cumbria is depressing, so I thought it might cheer the day up a bit to post some of my favourite things. Anything handmade by someone who cares about their work is usually my preference, but sometimes I have others like for instance the collection here.

The pretty shelf unit was made by my DH many years ago and I love it still. It housed a few collections before being resited in the kitchen and then I found it set off my small collection of whimsical egg cups quite well. I used to keep my own hens and at the time was given various presents relating to them so that's how I ended up with the egg cups and then the salt and pepper pots and also on my dresser in the kitchen (it is farmhouse eclectic style) I have some wonderful chicken jugs. Not all of the items are chickens mind as over the years mice etc crept in. Speaking of which I think I there have been some real ones plaguing the neighbours recently but I had better say no more because it does not do to broadcast such things, but one over hears conversations behind the garden hedge.....ha ha

The cupcake china thingy was picked up quite recently at Friars of Keswick which is the local chocolate shop par excellence. Everyone that comes to Keswick goes inside and indulges. It is an Aladdins cave of scrumptiousness, and also has many pretty one off items like the cupcake, which had 3 home made shortbread biscuits inside and only cost about £2.50. I always keep an eye on the shop windows (2 of them) because they are changed seasonally and are a wonderful display. The 2 top left and right chickens were found in a small shop in Palm Springs, California when I was over visiting my daughter who lives, there in the Autumn, so they remind me of wall to wall sunshine and Starbucks coffee and of course my lovely daughter.

This next piccy is an embroidery I did which was based on a card she designed and gave to me one Christmas long ago. I thought is was so pretty a card, so I had to have a go at making an embroidery of it. It's basically a few stars and a gold padded heart with a bit of doodling in shiny thread from Linton Tweed offcuts. Then a few beads and all done on a simple orange muslin ground. Incidentally, if you have never visited Linton Tweeds in Carlisle, then all I can say is do it, do it soon. The cafe alone is worth the visit but the shop is to drool over and then their are the magical fabrics, think Chanel, Chanel, Chanel....oh its mouthwatering stuff. Everytime I go I come back with fabric and bits and bobs and I want to buy the shopfull usually. If you are stuck for cash though, they usually have a bargain bin where you can find smaller pieces for about £5, so don't let money worries put you off your visit, I guarantee you will enjoy it. Whilst you are there go check out Carlisle Cathedral too, it has a magnificent ceiling, think blue and gold.

Next up is a clock DH made for me and I love it. In fact I have 2 which are similar, this one is hanging in the hall at the moment. I collected the sea shells on a holiday we took to Western Ireland many years ago. We camped just behind a ridge of a large sand dune and every morning left the tent and went down past the ridge to the shore and it was long and wide and full of shells. My two Jack Russell Terriers loved it, they would bolt along the beach and into the foamy sea. I remember sitting outside the tent well into the twilight sipping red wine, super.

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