Sunday, 16 June 2013

oops, don't know where the time is going

I have not posted for so long, sorry.  It's been busy here especially last week with all the comings and goings.  The insulation in our walls was damp and not working so we had to have it all removed and it took 3 days last week.  The two men came all the way from Wales and were so efficient and tidy I could not believe how well they did the job which I had been dreading for months.  Anyway, the house is now free from all the gunk they injected and hopefully the black mould and plaster falling off on the inside will now be mending and we can re decorate. 

I have done some more quilting though and without this quilt on the go I might have been driven to distraction with all the drilling and sucking noises, but no I kept on quilting it's so calming.  Or it was until I went wrong and had to unpick half a feather yesterday....

And there is more to do yet.

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