Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bella in my sewing room

Does my head look too big?
I spent two afternoons stripping Bella this week in the greenhouse; only place to do it where the fur can fly!  She does let me do it providing I keep up the snacks and her favourite this time was teeny tiny pieces of parmesan cheese. She is looking very cute though, but the sewing room is not so tidy but then whose is?

This week she has been hunting a hedgehog in the garden and yesterday brought it into the house in her mouth.  She was soon encouraged to drop it and my DD had to replace it over a neighbours garden fence. Bella had a bloody mouth where the spines had got her. Tonight the thing was back and low and behold so was Bella, its starting to become a problem...... The hedgehog needs to eat ready for winter hibernation and our garden is rich in snails, slugs and earthworms because its traditional and I try not to use pesticides too much. Its a normal garden with a lawn and hedges all around hence its perfect for the beastie. It also has two garden sheds one which is the workshop for DD actually so there is plenty of scope for hiding underneath them for the creature. I hope it decides to re locate next door.

Meanwhile I am quilting some experimental pieces because I decided I needed more practice and so I have been steadily improving my techniques but its slow going so nothing to show you.  I did find a couple of new blogs which I am adding to the list though.

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