Monday, 30 April 2012

The sun was shining today

Last years crop
I have been gardening today because it was sunny at last.  Sunday was a washout with cold wind and rain so today was wonderful. I came across these photos DH took with his new camera last June and I am hoping my gooseberries turn out as good this year.  At the moment the plant is not in flower.

Stunning flowers on my Pelargoniums
I did pot up and take some cuttings of these and others because I want to improve my stock and keep the garden full of colour. I have placed some in the front porch and they are already coming into flower quite early because of the boost they had in March when we had such summer like weather. I can't resist Pelargoniums when I see them at garden centres and always buy a few different ones to add new colours to my stock. I am so glad I heated the greenhouse now because it does mean I don't keep losing these wonderful plants to the frost.

I am looking at doing some sewing too this week if I get the chance, so if I can finish the jobs in the garden tomorrow I might switch the Bernina on.

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