Monday, 13 February 2012

It's dry

Here's a close up of the really big flower which I had not shown before on its own.  I really need to make it up into something now and it looks like the cushion idea won.  I have some braid in a lovely pale sage green which I think will be perfect.  I do need to go and find something lovely for the backing though and of course a cushion inside too. Until then, I will leave it blocked out on the board with just a few pins to keep it still, it's the best place for it as I am teaching machine embroidery on Thursday at Keswick EG and I know I will make a hell of a mess tomorrow! I hope to have something to show you for it though as I am doing 'backgrounds' so need to make a few. I usually try and clear my mind and then 'go with the flo' so I surprise myself sometimes.


Miriam Weaver said...

Ok as you don't have enough wool for the curtains you have an excuse and can get away with the cushion. You are busy enough by the sound of things. I'm looking forward to seeing the backgrounds. By the way the bread turned out really well, I've never used the dough hook before, it made everything so much easier!

Lyn Armstrong said...

I have been using my dough hook for years :-) does take the hard work out of the initial mixing and leaves me time for other stuff. I hope to have some backgrounds later.