Saturday, 15 October 2011

Regional Day last Saturday

Some of this was bought at the Regional Day
I forgot to take a camera along to the Braithwaite Institute last Saturday which is a shame because we had Ferret showing us her quilts in the afternoon and they were astonishing. She is a very good speaker too so if you have never been to one of her talks I would encourage you to go.

She showed us many of her award winners as well as others she had made and they ranged from large double bed size to quite small. I had a close look at some of them as I was on the stage at the end and helped her re-pack them all. If ever you are asked by a famous quilter to help pack make sure you pay attention because they like it done their way and know exactly how they want you to fold and pack so that its easy for them to get them all out again for the next show. I learnt a lot, not just about packing quilts but also some very useful tips which she gave without prompting. Ferret is loquacious and she is not at all fazed by being asked how she does things because she wants people to learn from her and from her mistakes which she points out too. I appreciated her altruism and hope to be a better quilter for it.

I also volunteered to make a panel for the North West Regional Banner which is going to be completed and hung at St. Anthony's Hall in York. As luck would have it the subject I fancied doing had been chosen as one of the panels they needed and yes it is going to be another lighthouse, yippee!  I will need a Cumbrian one of course and I just happen to have passed the very one I fancy on  my recent Coast to Coast journey at St. Bees. So it will hopefully be one of my next projects. I will keep you posted of course as to progress.

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