Friday, 9 September 2011

New bit of delicious kit

This new top of mine is almost good enough to eat!  I can't wait to wear it on a cold day.  It is a quilted, ripstop nylon inside and out piece of kit designed to go into a diddy little bag and it weighs only 5 ozs.  Yes, it's destined to be part of my rucksack necessities and will be my emergency clothing for those odd times when it really turns cold. This is a down filled top and it is so soft and warm. At the moment it is lurking in my wardrobe but it's going to go on an adventure with me soon. Oh how I wish I had had this with me in May 2010 when I camped at Tyndrum for 4 nights and it was minus 2 every night with the tent covered in ice in the morning........freezing wasn't the word. Bella was so cold she crept into my sleeping bag every night and the two of us snuggled up but even then I was still cold. The downside was the price at £225 not cheap so I had to wait for the sales ladies and hey Needle Sports came good with £75 knocked off. It has one very slight disadvantage in that it is only a little bit shower proof so no getting it soaked or it won't work.

Hmm, looking at it now on the screen before me I am tempted to keep it for best...and wear it to Quilters Guild Meetings as I am joining the committee as an Area Representative of Region 15W.  Oops better not, I might just need it on that next Scottish trip.

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Miriam Weaver said...

The jacket is lovely, your well prepared aren't you, it does look good enough for best. I need something like that for when I go to my quilting group Lady Bugs! We meet in a scout hall even in the summer people turn up in thick woolly jumpers!!!