Monday, 29 August 2011

I have been making Alfred Wainwright Coast to Coast embroideries for some wonderful people from the USA who completed the full coast to coast recently.

They were only the 2nd group in 8 years with this organisation to complete the whole of the route without taking any days off; so for that alone they have been nicknamed 'Team Awesome'.

I have made the embroideries with hand made silk paper top and bottom to represent the two coasts the Irish Sea and the North Sea and then I put a picture of AW himself in the middle with beads for his braces and a few French Knots to emphasise the rocks on the cairn. And his socks have a fluffy topping of knots too!

As I have made about 7 of these I have had to work on a production line and I used my Janome 300e to embroider the words C 2 C and 2011 on the finished items purely because it was the fastest way to do the job.

These embroideries will soon be crossing the Atlantic apart from one going to London and I hope they will express some of the spirit of the wonderful team of lovely Americans I met recently who were determined to finish. This is my gift to them for being such good company on the three days I managed to walk with them; my DH did the whole 14 days so one of these is for him too ;-).

The photography is not my best, but I am in a hurry tonight so I hope you will forgive me.

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