Thursday, 11 November 2010

Wonderful bloggies & Birthday doggies

I wanted to draw your attention to one of the blogs on my list run by Gina. Her blog is called Fan My Flame and she is making a book using lace and people's memories for a final project for her "Fine Art Embroidery" module. Go take a look at her latest posting for a lovely idea being turned into something very special.

I can't really let today pass without posting another photo of Bella because she is 3 today and the weather has been so bad in the Lakes all day so we actually went up Latrigg yesterday to take her special day photos. She has spent most of today lying in front of the wood burner and dreaming. She really is cute when she dreams because she utters little tiny woofs inside her which can just be heard and they never seem to wake her up. I think she is a bit of a ventriloquist because when we leave the house for walkies she always grabs at the lead and drags us to the gate then as we set off down the street she barks like mad still with the lead firmly clenched in her little teeth. Our neighbours think she is so funny as they often see her taking us for a walk.....
You can see that Blencathra has already got a dusting of snow on the top and when we were in Scotland last week climbing another Munro the snow was well down and it was blowing a gale at the summit trig point. So it looks like the winter won't be long in coming but yesterday the sun beamed on us and we had soup and sandwiches on the top of the hill for lunch.
I have not been doing any sewing lately because I have been catching up with a few household chores since the Keswick Rambles guided walks finished at the end of October, but I hope to be back in action on the sewing machine very soon because I am missing it not to mention all the other ufo's I have. Tomorrow though, I am expecting a new fridge so that I can put the old one in the garden shed (overflow area for his beer and fruit juice etc) as we often find we just don't have enough room for all our fresh food. We are both keen cooks but we do like to do everything from scratch if we possibly can so that means we need lots of fresh produce, so hopefully that problem will now be sorted, so onto the next where did I put my unfinished quilt?

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BilboWaggins said...

Am woefully behind in reading blogs at present, but belatedly, Many Happy Woofs to Bella!

(we need 2 fridges as well :} )