Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Make hay whilst the sun shines!

Well the above saying could not be more relevant at the moment, this piccie shows my lounge as of yesterday. The new damp proof course is going in and the window is propped up. My builder could not have chosen a better week to commence this job which quite frankly I have been dreading because of the disruption.

The good news is that whilst it was very cold in the house yesterday, I did manage to hunker down and finish my double bed quilt I have been making with my Amy Butler fabric I bought at the NEC Festival of Quilts last August.

This photo is a shot of the straight line stitching which has been used extensively on the top, it was all done freehand and quite hard to do and much more time consuming than I ever imagined. I love the result though. I will try and take another photo of the quilt later in the day when the sun has gone off the room as it was difficult to photograph this morning.

Meanwhile, the banging has started again next door so Bella and I are going to spend the day either in my study or gardening.

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