Saturday 28 October 2017

At last my Cove holiday quilt is finished apart from a label

I have finally finished this quilt I started in Cove in February. I left it most of the summer because I was busy with the garden. 
 I grew more lilies in pots than ever before and they really added a zing.
 Also this hydrangea had never flowered properly even though I had planted it 16 years ago, so I was delighted with it.  I had to cover it up against the frost in the spring but it was ok.
 I bought some new fuchsias from Wales this one is Carmel Blue
I made 4 fruit marmalade and windfall apple marmalade
 But here is what you have been waiting for the photos of the Cove quilt.  I used a simple 9 patch theme and decided to quilt it in the Welsh style with coloured threads which I selected in greens, blues, pinks and yellow.  The yellow thread was thick and it was for lining out and giving some detail to the flowery centre. I also found that my new walking foot was excellent for making small Welsh style squares and lines because it had a seem gauge I could adjust.  Now the only thing I am not sure about is where to place a label? It would look odd on the back but also may not suit the front.....

Thursday 18 May 2017

Gardening whilst the weather is good

Icelandic poppies I grew from seed
I have been using up my spare time whilst its sunny and doing a lot of weeding and sorting in the garden.

This Syringa is always a treat at this time of year.

a miniature lilac I have had for 18 years

Thursday 27 April 2017

Progress on my 9 patch quilt

Backstitch on the back
 I am using machine quilting for the main motifs and filling in with hand quilting on the 'scissors' in the hearts as its in the Welsh style. Jacqui Harvey does a video on how to do it on her website, and she is one of the very best hand quilters in the UK. 
Its going to be double sided
 I am going to finish all of the hearts and then fill in the leaf shapes with hand quilting too but probably just ordinary quilt stitch not backstitch.
Back of backstitch is bolder
 The patchwork side is showing up the bold reverse effect of doing the backstitch from the back of the quilt.
Herdwick sheep in hiding?
 We walked our Border Terrier Bella down by the lake today and this sheep was so relaxed about hiding in the grass . In the background you can see the steeple of St. John's church and also the local hills.
Derwentwater this afternoon

This is the view taken the other way of the lake and Catbells with Derwent Isle in the centre of the lake and the boat landings on the left.  I am so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the UK.

Sunday 16 April 2017

Finished and plants added

The safety glass is in place
So this was the scene yesterday before I put some plants inside as the weather in Cumbria over the Easter week is set to be quite cold at night, there could even be a frost for all I know.

It must be warm inside as the glass is misting up
So I added some fuchsias which I bought on a trip to Trefriw last spring.
Roualeyn Nursery
North Wales
LL27 0SX

They are the best growers of these wonderful plants that I know. My favourite has to be Garden News it just bloomed all summer on the patio outside my new conservatory, superb.

Hardy Fuchsia 'Garden News'
Well its pouring with rain today, so I think I will do some more on my quilt.

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Progress on my garden again

The base I made with my trowel
I carefully made four channels for all of the bricks for the base of my cold frame and now it is ready for some weed inhibitor fabric to be laid on the raked earth.  Hopefully it will be easier to keep the weeds at bay once its installed.  The safety glass has been ordered for the frame doors and should be here tomorrow but Easter may make that a bit more uncertain.  Anyway, the frame will be finished next week and I already have loads of young seedlings waiting to harden off in it from the greenhouse.

Tuesday 11 April 2017

Latest project non quilting its gardening instead

I have been quilting at night but during the day, as it is now spring I have been using skills I learned at the age of 17 when I was an archaeological volunteer with 'LEMARGE' or Lower Medway Archaeological Research Group.  Yes I have been using my 5" mason's pointing trowel to make small trenches for bricks for my new cold frame foundation.  Lots of fun in the garden in the lee of the greenhouse.

This is the area for the new cold frame

My husband is making the cold frame he is brilliant at joinery
More pictures will be coming once I have this project cracked!