Sunday, 9 February 2014

Plans for my garden

I found this the other day and thought what an awesome garden.  I have been growing hydrangeas in my garden for a few years and decided to take some cuttings last summer.  Five of them took from the six I made.  Two then decided to produce flower buds in October, so I brought them into the house in early December and both have flowered and are still doing so, how long for I don't know. This made me think that it might be a good idea to try and do this each year and plant out the results, then I found this photo and could not believe how lovely they looked massed into a border.

Here is the first cutting, still blooming away after several weeks.

It has frilly edges to the petals and I don't know if the colours are anything like the original plant because I forgot to label them as I half expected my 'experiment' not to work.

This is the other one. At least it would be if blogger was not playing up and won't load it. Ok I will post this anyway and maybe later do an edit and try again...
Yep, if at first you don't succeed.......