Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Merry Christmas

I used a small yew tree this year for my decoration as I lent my artificial tree to a friend who needed it more than me.  I also gave her the lights and the tinsel because she did not have any.  So my good deed done, I had a look around my garden and I had a small yew growing in a pot which I thought might just do the trick and here it is.  I had to buy a pretty little bird for the top because the branch was a bit flimsy and there was not much foliage up there, but I am pleased with the effect.  The photo was taken on my mobile phone so its not completely clear as I turned off the flash but I rather like the way it has an ethereal quality to it.  So there it is a small delicate wonderland inhabited by a very pretty bird.

I do hope I can come back on this blog next year as I had trouble logging on, I think Blogger is sometimes very difficult and it kept giving me error messages, so I hope to blog again soon but would prefer it to be a bit more hassle free.

I am now convinced that this next year will be one of innovation and am looking forward to it.  Oh and my Redpolls are back!  I thought they had forgotten where I lived but no they were just teasing me.  So I hope you have a peaceful and prosperous New Year.