Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Another repair

A new edging had to be made.
This is another repair, I had two which I did whilst in Palm Springs visiting DD. This was the second quilt I ever made and I called it after a joke we had in the family about my DH's old sweater (Skunky) so the quilt was given this name too......

After much use it had only become frayed along the edge so I simply added a new strip to it in a pretty contrasting fabric.  The main fabrics used for the rest of the quilt had worn really well and I remember the bright purple one with the exotic flowers was a Hoffmann Fabric.  I took a photo whilst I was on holiday this time because I did not bother taking any photos of this quilt when I first made it. Seeing the hand embroidered label on it reminded me that I am becoming very lazy with my latest quilts because I have not been bothering to label and date them.  I am really going to have to sort myself out.

We had a lovely time in California which was marred only by my breaking a tooth on a crab cake on the punultimate day. This was the start of my troubles, for when I was leaving the dentist back home after a horrendous 4 plane, jet lagged journey back with cancellations and our baggage lost a 2nd time, I tripped and sprained my ankle badly......C'est la vie!